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Could help fund research to improve treatment and quality of life for children living with brain cancer.
Could help fund equipment to process and store a patient's tumour sample which can be used multiple times.
Could help fund a brain MRI scan for a child with brain cancer.
Could help fund patient participation costs for a clinical research study for a year.

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Ava's Story

Four-year-old Ava has been living with a brain tumour since late 2018 – a tumour that keeps growing back after surgery and treatment including radiation and chemotherapy, and is now inoperable, tragically making her brain cancer terminal. Surgeons worked relentlessly for seven hours and were unable to remove any of the tumour as it was too dangerous. Ava’s tumour is now monitored for growth, but her parents are facing the very unsure reality of her future. Discover more about the children inspiring the Children's Brain Cancer Centre here

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Donate before the 30th June 2021 to maximise your 20/21 end-of-financial year tax deduction. By making a tax-deductible donation to Children's Hospital Foundation Queensland you’re not only doing good but your taxable income and the amount of tax that you pay may decrease. 

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As a private ancillary fund, trust, foundation, individual, family, your philanthropy will help improve treatment and quality of life for children living with brain cancer. A gift of $10,000 or more can help shape the future of children’s brain cancer research. A future without brain cancer. For a confidential discussion, please get in touch with us at